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Planning a party can be pretty stressful as you book and balance all the details; from food, decorations, music, guest list etc... it’s easy to forget about ensuring solid entertainment for your party.

Don’t get me wrong, food, decorations, and venue are all very important and necessary (especially food and venue), otherwise your guests will not know where to arrive and have to fend for themselves whilst trying to enjoy what semblance of a party you have…All I’m trying to say is having great entertainment can make or break the success of the party.

This is where I come in, part gate crasher and all magical entertainment, here are just a few benefits of having a magician named David Ung at your event:

1. Entertainment

Your guests will be entertained and engaged throughout the event allowing you to focus on other things like whether you have enough drinks or if that special someone has arrived yet. When it comes to magic at a party you can entertain your guests all at the same time with a parlour show or group by group with close-up strolling magic. I find if you have a lot of people at your party, then strolling works best as I mingle with your guests and show them magic throughout the night. However, if you are having an intimate night with a small group of friends, perhaps a full show is in order, ranging from 30-60 minutes, it will be like having David Blaine at your party, expect it’s David Ung and he’s much more affordable and less likely to regurgitate a frog. Either option ensures all your guests see some magic and more importantly have an entertaining night to remember and it’s all because you organised a great party!

2. Ice Breaker and Talking Point

If you have a large party there is bound to be guests who don’t know each other, and if your intention is to get everyone to mix and mingle, magic is a great way to bring people together and have something to talk about. Often times when I perform, if I see some people that aren’t part of the core group I’m performing for having a cheeky peek, I’ll invite them in to join the group and experience the magic together. Then when I leave that group, they can get to know each other better as they talk about how good I was or guess how I blew their minds!

Magic at a house party
📷 Miss Aura Photography

3. Memorable

I will ensure your party is unforgettable, and for all the right reasons! Think back to all the parties you’ve been to previously, what were the good things you remember about them? The tasty food? Great decorations? Banging music? Can't remember anything? Every time I’ve been booked at a party and begin introducing myself as a magician to groups I get looks of delight and excitement from guests who proclaim they “love magic” or are pleasantly surprised to see something different at a party. They’ll leave your event having a great time and talking about how fun your party was for weeks to come.

4. Professional and Flexible

Aside from the aforementioned ability to perform for small intimate groups or larger settings there can be times when your schedule goes array and things are running late or not ready yet, this is totally normal. I pride myself on being as accommodating as possible, if you need me to start earlier or later that's no problem. Stay a bit longer to ensure everyone sees magic? Hold off performing because your uncle wants to sing another ballad? Happy to wait until it's my turn! My aim is to make your life easier so you can enjoy your party, the last thing I want is to see the party planner stressing because of me.

5. It's Different!

I would hope by now you’d be convinced that a magician that's me would be a worthwhile addition to any party, but if not here’s one last reason. I’m different, and not in a weird you-should-be-worried kind of way, because when it comes to entertainment at a party, most people wouldn’t expect a magician. Throw me into a party and all of a sudden, the stock of your party goes up as most people have never seen a magician perform in person before, we’re like unicorns, extremely rare and a sight to behold, therefore, different! Also, not every magician is built the same, I bring a generally clean sense of humour and tricks other magicians don’t perform so that even among magicians I’m different!

So whether you’re planning a party now or in the future, get in touch with me to see how we can make your party the best it can be and you, the best host your guests will be in envy of.

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